Educational support

1 out of 3 Syrian children is out of school, with One-third of the schools out of service due to the crisis. We believe that without a proper education children will be more susceptible to sexual exploitation, recruitment into armed groups, child labour and child marriage. SOS Children's Villages thus believes that educational services are a major component in child care and protection.

Our aim is to enable children to develop into adults who have the skills to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to their communities. 

During the Syrian crisis, we provided educational support to 7686 children in the cities of Aleppo and Tartous through educational and early childhood centres where children are taught according to a special curriculum specified for children who were deprived of school because of the crisis.

Renovation of a school in Aleppo

Education is one of children's basic rights that we work to protect. Therefore, SOS Children's Villages initiated the renovation of the Al-Thawra School in eastern Aleppo in the neighborhood of Al-Sukkari, as a response to the urgent need to support the renovation of educational facilities and schools that were destroyed or damaged during the Syrian crisis.
by July 2018, Al-Thawra school, which contains 19 classrooms, became ready to welcome children again with a capacity of more than 1800 students during two shifts per day.


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