Our work

We believe that no child should grow up alone and that every child should live in a stable and caring family as part of a supportive community. This gives them an opportunity to simply be a child.

We are driven by our mission: to build families for children in need, to help them shape their own futures and to share in the development of their communities.


In SOS Children's Villages, we have 70 years of experience in offering longer-term alternative care based on a family-like care model, which we call SOS family care, and in other alternative forms of care such as youth care and small group homes. Our family strengthening program works In partnership with community organisations and governments to strengthen vulnerable families in order to prevent family breakdown and separation of children from their families

The political, economic and social root causes of the Syrian crisis and its consequences led to high levels of child vulnerability and put families in Syria at risk of breaking down. During eight years of the war, we worked to protect the fundamental rights of Syrian children through our emergency response program.