Sabah holding paintings she has painted for her SOS youth leader
Youth care – August 8 2021

Sabah, the future artist despite all challenges

Sabah is one of the youth in SOS care who has overcome many challenges in her life and never let go of her dream of becoming an artist.

2014 was a challenging year for Sabah and her three brothers, who came to one of SOS interim care centres after losing their family care. At that year, there was no place for dreams or hopes in Sabah's mind because she was deprived of school due to the security situation and the clashes. Due to the Syrian crisis, Sabah lost two school years and her hope to become an artist.

At SOS interim care centres, Sabah worked hard with her caregiver to go back to school and fill the educational gap she faced. In parallel, she started participating in individual and group psychological support activities, including drawing classes and emotional discharge sessions. Through these activities, Sabah started thinking again about her dream of becoming an artist.

Today, Sabah is 18 years old, and she lives in one of SOS youth houses in Damascus rural and only 30 minutes away from other SOS youth houses where her brothers live. During the last years, she overcame many challenges she faced in school, and she is now preparing for the secondary school exams, which will take place in 2022. 


I have always dreamed of becoming an artist. This is my passion since I was very young. I can easily spend long hours painting without feeling bored or tired



Sabah Sabah



Since moving to SOS youth house, Sabah has received support and encouragement from her youth leader, Ramia, who has noticed her talent since Sabah's first week at the youth house. To help grow and develop her talent, Ramia helped Sabah register in a specialized centre to teach painting. Moreover, she brought her some painting equipment like the painting Canvas, the Easel and the Colour Mixing Palette.

“Sabah wants to study fine arts at Damascus University, and I believe she can do it despite the challenging exams required to enter this faculty. She has been preparing for this for years,” Said the youth leader Ramia.

Sabah showing her drawings to Ramia


Ramia is not the only person who supports Sabah but also the other young ladies at the SOS youth house. “The girls here are like sisters to me. They are my drawings first fans who admire my artworks. Once, I drew a portrait of one of them, and now everyone is asking for their portrait.” Said Sabah with a smiling and confident face.

Sabah’s talent gave her confidence and courage to speak, express feelings, and even dream about her art exhibition. “I will show people my artwork, but I am not going to present this painting because I am going to keep it for aunt Ramia. She loves it very much. She even asked me to sign it with my signature. This means a lot to me.” said Sabah.

Sabah is one of the youths who receives the care and support from SOS youth care programme to become her best self and to ensure her confident transition into independence.

Sabah puts the finishing touches on her painting