Areej found her path to success
Youth care – May 15 2022

Areej found her path to success

19-year-old Areej was one of the first children who joined SOS interim care centres in 2014. Areej moved from the Syrian centre for girls with abuse and violence experiences to SOS Children’s Villages upon her request after she met SOS team at the centre during their visit. Areej lost her parental care and went through difficult events in her life which included displacement and the risk of early child marriage. However, she was very strong that she fought for her right to be a child.

When she joined the center, Areej received support from all the caregivers and the psychologists. There, she stayed with children her same age, which helped her integrate and accept her new life in the interim care centre.

Despite being in a safe environment where she receives care, it was necessary to provide Areej with psychotherapy to help her overcome the traumas she experienced in her life. The therapy continued even after Areej moved to Sahnaya small group home in 2019 because her healing process took time, and went through some setbacks. However, what helped her recover the most was her return to school. 

Areej had a solid wish to study at the university. That’s why she studied hard to fill the educational gap she had due to her dropping out of school. Till today Areej, her friends and all the caregivers are still astonished by her achievement. Areej was able to pass the primary, preparatory and secondary school exams in three years only which made her join the university to study Sociology in 2021.

Areej is a responsible person who has a lot of positive initiatives with others. She helps her SOS youth leader in the households and cooking. She also assists the rest of the caregivers by accompanying children in their care to schools or kindergarten. Moreover, she doesn't hesitate to help teach the children at the small group homes.

Another important development that happened in Areej's life during the past year was the success in communicating with her biological mother. The latter visited her in Sahnaya and saw her for the first time in years which gave huge psychological support and happiness to Areej.

Today, Areej is preparing herself mentally and socially to enter the semi-independence stage, which will help her become fully independent in the future. when she thinks about independent living, she doesn't feel worried because she knows that there are many people around her with whom she has a strong family bond who will support her and give the best advice whenever she needs it.

The name of the child has been changed.