SOS Children's Villages in Syria and Massar to Launch the Child Friendly Space Center in Damascus

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Attended by both association's representatives, volunteers and local media, the SOS Children's Villages in Syria and Massar project launched the first Child Friendly Space center in Duwiala' – Bab Shaqi, on Saturday November 30th 2013. All attendees were introduced to the center's sections to learn more about the goals behind establishing such project.


Traumatized children who are in need of psychological and social support, due to witnessing the harsh circumstances caused by the Syrian crisis, are the main target of the CFS center, they will be practicing group of activities to enhance their social values and add new skills to be able to live a normal life and focus on their future positively.


"As we aim to protect children's rights for living a proper life, and to come out with best practices to defend childhood, we collaborated with Massar project to launch the CFS center, especially that our society is in need for such project to help our children who got affected by the events happening in Syria." Said Jinan Ramadan, SOS Children's Villages Child Protection Focal Point.


"Launching the Child Friendly Space in Dwielaa' is our first step toward implementing other centers in several Syrian provinces, in collaboration with our partner Massar, we will be lending a helping hand to more children and to take them away from what they are going through by practicing their favorite activities." Stated Ms. Ramadan.


Rasha Al Hamwi, Person in Charge of the CFS - Massar Project, stated: "The CFS is a powerful tool that will help building a child's personality. It will assist them to discover themselves more and teach them new skills to express what's on their minds. By translating the gained information and skills practically, we encourage children to develop their skills and make their own future."


"We will also be working with the parents to enhance their communication skills with their children." Added Ms. Al Hamwi.


The CFS will be hosting 120 children on daily basis, where they will get the chance to practice group of interactive activities such as storytelling, music, theater, in addition to reading and research.


On the other hand, a physiological support will be offered to children, based on three well studied steps designed by Syria's finest psychologists to develop children's skills and find better ways of communication with them.


The first step focuses on children to practice activities such as drawing, music and other activities, these children will be observed by specialists who have a background on each child's case and understand which activity a child is attracted to.

Step two is based on a quick evaluation on traumatized children and building their cases based on children's background and stories to come out with best solutions on controlling temper, fear and mood's change children are facing.


Step three was built on supporting traumatized children, with the assistance of specialists, to help them beating their difficulties and move forward.


Children will be the target of several awareness campaigns the CFS will organize, to introduce them to their rights of having family and physical care. In addition to holding workshops for parents to discuss with them methods of protecting their children from sexual and military abuse, beside to other issues that are against child's rights.


It is worth to mention that the SOS Children's Villages and Massar project are NGOs working to achieve same goals of creating an environment to support children and help them to have better future.


SOS Children's Villages in Syria works on giving a consistent loving warm homes for orphans, including supporting their rights and offering them love, security and healthy living standards. The SOS Children Villages cares on raising children in a stable environment, therefore, group of initiatives are executed to achieve this goal such as the Family Strengthen program, sponsoring a child program and many other.


SOS Children's Villages launched its ERP in Ramadan with the "all together" campaign, resulted by distributing more than 60,000 fasting meals in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and Daraa. The campaign was followed by the "Eideyeh" initiative which distributed new cloth and candy for more than 8000 child in Damascus and Aleppo. In addition of distributing 4000 milk cans to infants in Aleppo.


Recently the SOS Children's Villages distributed 16000 school bags for children during the "My Right to Education" campaign, in collaboration with the Syria Trust for development, to help children to go back to schools.


On the other hand, Massar project works on building children's self-confidence, develop their skills, and invest their power as active learners through activating earned experience and interactive learning to shape their life positively and be part of building a society.