Strengthen Families


Family Strengthening Program aims at helping and supporting poor families who raise orphan children or at risk of being abandoned by their families due to many factors, including extreme poverty, illness of the primary care-giver or other social problems. In an effort to address this problem, SOS Children's Villages works with local communities, government authorities, and other organizations to help vulnerable families safeguard their children's well-being.

How we help families


SOS Children's Villages Syria provides initial assistance to families whose children are at risk of abandonment. Such assistance is in the form of material, educational, health, legal and psycho-social support. Once these basics needs are met, the program provides the families with additional skills and knowledge to help them secure their livelihoods and become self-sufficient. This is achieved by providing counselling services, vocational training, domestic economic skills, or assisting with setting up income-generation projects for the families.

Preventing Family Breakdown


We shall increase our focus on preventing family separation and promoting quality care for children without parental care or at risk of losing. We will also strengthen partnerships to assure access to high-quality essential services for these children and their families, especially in education, health and economic empowerment. In 2030, we want 85% of families to be self-reliant when they exit a family strengthening programme.

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SOS Family Strengthening program started in Syria in 2005.
In 2018, the program helped 600 children to stay with their families and prevented their abandonment