Interim care centres

SOS interim Child Care Centers aim to protect unaccompanied and separated children from their families due to the Syrian crisis. These centers are integrated and provide children with a group of services such as alternative care, nutrition, education, medical care and psychosocial support until SOS team find children's families to start the reunification process. SOS interim care centres were opened in Damascus Rural, Tartous, Aleppo.

During the Syrian crisis, we supported 648 vulnerable children in different Syrian cities and were able to strengthen the families of 486 children after their reunification.

SOS Reunification strengthening

SOS Reunification strengthening project aims to provide support to families of children who were welcomed in SOS interim care centres.
Many of children at SOS interim care centres have been separated from their families for a long time. However, after we manage to find their original or extended families, we are unable to reunite them because of the families hard conditions. For that SOS reunification strengthening project works on financially supporting the families’ capacity so they became able to protect their children and provide their basic needs, in order to finally meet the project main goal, which is family reunification.


Kareem returns to the bosom of this family

The war took everything from our children; many of them lost their homes, families and hopes! We believe that opening such centres, will mitigate the bad impacts of the war and help unaccompanied children to regain their childhood

Mrs. Samar Daboul

President of SOS Children's Villages Syria