Distribution kits

SOS Children's Village Syria distributed 36502 dry food, hygiene, and baby kits in addition to 9996 winterization items during the Syrian crisis to Internally Displaced People in Damascus, Daraa and Aleppo vicinities. This step came in response to the urgent humanitarian needs that required an immediate guarantee of primary food supplies and basic life needs that were delivered to the targeted beneficiaries. Moreover, SOS Children’s Villages Syria made sure that all contents of the kits were in line with the families’ nutrition needs, and thus contained fundamental nutrition elements.

How we are helping:

1 out of 3 people in Syria are food insecure, especially those in Aleppo who have faced the hardest war circumstances ever. As a response to this humanitarian disaster, we established a mobile kitchen in the vicinity of Aleppo to provide daily cooked meals and fruits bags for displaced families. in 2016 and 2017, we distributed more than 2 Million Meals.

A good part of water pumps in Aleppo was highly damaged due to the ongoing fighting. What made the situation worse was the main water station in the city went out of service in 2014, leaving the whole city with no regular water supply. Accordingly, people became dependent on water truck services and water wells. This caused families to spend 25% of their incomes to meet daily water needs. 

We intervened to support more than 23,000 families affected by the water crisis through installing and filling water tanks in Eastern Aleppo, borehole drilling and water pumps installation.