Mahmoud Nasr, SOS Syria Goodwill Ambassador
Syria – December 15 2021

Mahmoud Nasr, SOS Syria Goodwill Ambassador

On November 19, one day before International Children's Day 2021, SOS children's villages Syria appointed the Syrian star Mahmoud Nasr as the goodwill ambassador in a charity dinner that gathered SOS friends and partners.

"Mr Nasr raised his voice and participated in many humanitarian initiatives throughout his artistic career, and our cooperation will shed light on the needs and challenges facing children without parental care and vulnerable families in Syria “said Samer Khaddam the national director of SOS Children’s Villages Syria.

This year Mr. Mahmoud Nasr supported children in SOS care in many ways by launching online fundraising campaigns on his social media channels and by visiting families in SOS villages to provide social support and encouragement to children and their alternative mothers.

We must make the act of donating and volunteering a culture for people and children in Syria, because when we protect the rights of children without family care today, we protect the future of all of us.

Mahmoud Nasr

Goodwill Ambassador

When he first visited SOS families, the children were very excited to meet Mahmoud. For many of them, he was the favourite actor, that is why they all gathered, waiting for him eagerly to arrive. However, their enthusiasm was worth it because the actor Mahmoud Nasr spent plenty of time with all of them to get to know them one by one.

Mahmoud Nasr is a Syrian actor. He was born in Damascus in 1983 and graduated as a top student from the High Institute of Theatrical Arts of Damascus in 2006. He studied in France a post-grad scholarship and returned a year later to join the institute staff. He started working as a professional actor in 2007, participating in several movies and television drama series.

Mahmoud Nasr is a famous actor with a broad fan base from all Arab countries, especially in the Middle East and the Gulf area. Moreover, He has a large number of Arab fans from expatriates and Arabs diaspora.

Actor Mahmoud Nasr participated in many humanitarian initiatives during the previous years that contributed to supporting vulnerable groups in the Syrian society. His support was mostly directed towards children through his participation in online and fundraising campaigns run by Syrian charities that care for children with cancer and children with special care needs.