SOS Children's Villages Syria and the SOS International Office of MENA to put integrated strategic plan for 2015

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"We are here to ensure one key goal, protect the children; we work on giving a loving warm home. Challenges are becoming greater to be faced without strong well- build plan. Today we meet to discuss our matters and to agree on taking brave steps for the best interest of our children." With these words Mr. Rachel Bourget, International Director for the MENA Region at SOS Children's Villages, officially launched the annual workshop of SOS Children's Villages Syria's 2015 strategic plan.

The two days annual workshop took place in Beirut on 10th and 11th of November 2014, participated by the SOS Children's Villages Syria's coordinators and SOS International Office of MENA, in presence of Mrs. Samar Daaboul, Vice president of SOS Children's Villages Syria. The objectives of the workshop were to exchange ideas between NA and IOR team members and to come out with solid plan that will mainly strengthening all SOS programs.

After Mr. Bourget's and Mrs. Daaboul's welcoming speeches, the workshop began with an overall review of SOS Children's Villages situation in Syria presented by Mr. Rani Al Rahmo, the National Director of SOS Syria, followed later by the fundraising status during Syrian crisis, and the educational departments' overall presentations, both shared detailed situation analysis, implemented initiatives and accomplishments in 2014.

"We finally came out with an integrated comprehensive plan that will be perfectly executed by our committed team, we will challenge the challenges and take brave steps this year to ensure protecting our children's rights and offer all their needs and requirements based on high standards." Stated Mrs. Samar Daaboul, Vice President of SOS Children's Villages Syria, who ensured: "Quality is our guide of implementation this year; we've been always a strong association within the local community. This is the time to position ourselves stronger than before and more efficient in handling our upcoming missions."

Targets were set; members agreed on all discussed points and expressed their wellness to execute 2015 strategic plan based on well-structured tactics to ensure achieving remarkable results.

Under the one child strategy, SOS Children's Villages Syria is aiming to target 249 children and youngsters, providing them with care and all necessary living requirements, in addition that all team members agreed that all SOS programs will implement their projects and initiatives under the child protection policy to ensure that all children are receiving all their rights. In addition that the SOS Children's Villages Syria is committed this year to make an integrated awareness on children's rights and work close with the local community and partners to come out with best practices regarding this matter.    

Every child need a friend, based on this requirement, the one friend strategy will be focusing on building transparent relation with the local community by sharing reports and stories, strengthening the relation with local media, establishing relations with corporate donors, recruit over 100 new committed givers and more steps to be taken.

"The success of every association is always reflected by excellent internal structure." Said Rani Al Rahmo, the national director of SOS Children's Villages Syria, who added: "We always make sure that our employees are aware with their responsibilities, we discuss together all what matters to develop our work and come out with new ideas, we give the needed support to team members since we know that they are doing their best to support our children, this is what our 2015 One Movement Strategy will be concentrating on."

"I am proud to be part of the SOS Children's Villages team." Said Sireen Kutieleh, ICT Coordinator at SOS Children's Villages Syria, she gladly stated: "attending the 2015 annual strategic plan workshop made me feel responsible and powerful, many thoughts and ideas popped to my mind, sharing my suggestions and ideas with the ROI and NA to be developed was a fruitful experience in my opinion. It is really motivating to learn more about SOS and seek for brilliant ideas to be executed."

On the other hand, Ms. Khawla Jabr, Child Protection officer at SOS Children's Villages Syria, stated: "Now I'm able to say that I am in the loop of every single detail related to our association, I am happy to be part of this experience, this workshop gave me the chance to understand our mechanism of work, we together as participants were able to build bridges of discussions, what a wonderful feeling to be part of making the children's future better."

The year 2015 will be the year of challenges and big achievements for SOS Children's Villages Syria, all team members are motivated, and they started putting detailed action plans in-line with the strategic plan to meet their targets. Good luck SOS team.